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Internet Solutions


High speed Internet
A leased line is the most common type of permanent high speed connection to the Internet. It is a direct connection between a network and an Internet Service Provider
  • Provides high connection speeds
  • Dedicated 1:1 contention ratio
All we need to know is your location, your speed performance requirements and any special needs that are relevant to your operations to propose the best solution for you.


VPNs are similar to wide area networks (WAN) or a securely encrypted tunnel, but the key feature of VPNs is that they are able to use public networks like the Internet rather than rely on expensive, private leased lines.
VPNs prices vary mainly by speed and location. We offer flexible solutions with various speeds to suit your requirements.
  • Cost effective
  • Connect your national branches
  • Connect to partners
  • High security ( encryption and authentication)
  • Have your network up and running in few days


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